Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny (2006)

Film: Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny
Year: 2006
Rated: R
Time: 1hr, 33min
Genre: Comedy
Stars: Jack Black, Kyle Gass
Synopsis: Two friends form a band, Tenacious D, but have trouble writing songs. They discover the legend of The Pick Of Destiny: said to be forged from the tooth of Satan, and used by every Rock legend ever in existence.

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a huge Jack Black fan. And, I wasn't THAT excited about what I've read of the plot. In fact, the only reason I agreed to watch the movie was because my roommate agreed to pay the rental fee. That being said, I move on to my actual review.

The first scene, with Jack Black's voice emenating from the mouth of a 12 year old (or however old Troy Gentile is) was hilarious! I actually made my roommate rewind to the beginning of the film JUST to rewatch the scene. Gentile looks so much like a young Black that it's scary. Meatloaf (né Michael Lee Aday) does a terrific turn as JB's straight-laced Christian father. From there, we move to the present, and the first meeting of Black and toupe-wearing Gass. Gass, in his obvious wig, pretends to be a success, putting Black through "Rock Star Training", culminating in a short falling out (all of 2 minutes), and the formation thereafter of Tenacious D. They enter an Open Mic Contest to prove the power of their rock, only to be struck with writers block. Discovering the legend of the Pick of Destiny, they travel to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to steal it for themselves. This movie was hilarious, and a good way to spend an evening. It gives a good laugh. And sometimes, isn't that all you really need?

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