Thursday, March 1, 2007

Kinky Boots (2005)

Film: Kinky Boots
Year: 2005
Rated: PG-13
Time: 1hr, 47min
Genre: Biopic, Comedy,
Stars: Joel Edgerton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sarah-Jane Potts
Synopsis: The Price & Sons shoe factory is going under, and Charlie Price doesn't want to make anyone redundant. Charlie finds inspiration employee Lauren and in Lola, a Drag performer from London who constantly has trouble with her boots coming apart. Together, the trio revamp the factory's entire production line, aiming for the big pay-off in Milan!

What can I say? I'm a sucker for Cinderella stories. And this is one of the greatest I've seen in awhile. Edgerton plays Charlie, a guy who wants to get away from the family shoe-making business, and heads to London with his fiancee, only to find out that his father has passed, and he must now return to the world he tried to escape. His first day on the job, he discover that a large order of theirs has been cancelled, leaving the company with 1,200 pairs of shoes that no one wants to buy! In London, Charlie is knocked out by drag performer Lola (Ejiofor), who begins complaining about how often her shoes fall apart. Inspired by an employee's words to "change the product" and find a niche market, Charlie makes a promise to Lola that he can make shoes for her that will bear the weight of a man and still look kinky. When his first attempt fails miserably ("Don't tell me I've inspired something BURGUNDY!"), Lola forces herself into the factory as their new designer. When their first test pair prove viable, it's a race to make enough shoes for the fashion shoe in Milan.

The central plot is one about trying to fit in. Lola tries to fit in to Northhampton as a man who dresses like a woman, while Charlie tries to fit in to the world of shoes and keep his workforce from becoming redundant. Secondary plots involve the 3 leads (Charlie, Lauren and Lola) dealing with their personal relationships during this new phase in the life of the factory. Charlie must deal with his fiancee, Nicola, who seems to want much more than Charlie. Lauren must deal with her new role in the company and her feelings for Charlie. Lola deals with a homophobic factory worker, Don, and his own childhood memories of a dissappointed father.

This movie is heart-warming and very entertaining. From the frist scene, with a young Lola dancing in girl's shoes outside his father's boxing studio, to the final scene of the trio in Milan, celebrating thier victory. It's a wonderful story, based on a real story, which is always the best.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny (2006)

Film: Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny
Year: 2006
Rated: R
Time: 1hr, 33min
Genre: Comedy
Stars: Jack Black, Kyle Gass
Synopsis: Two friends form a band, Tenacious D, but have trouble writing songs. They discover the legend of The Pick Of Destiny: said to be forged from the tooth of Satan, and used by every Rock legend ever in existence.

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a huge Jack Black fan. And, I wasn't THAT excited about what I've read of the plot. In fact, the only reason I agreed to watch the movie was because my roommate agreed to pay the rental fee. That being said, I move on to my actual review.

The first scene, with Jack Black's voice emenating from the mouth of a 12 year old (or however old Troy Gentile is) was hilarious! I actually made my roommate rewind to the beginning of the film JUST to rewatch the scene. Gentile looks so much like a young Black that it's scary. Meatloaf (né Michael Lee Aday) does a terrific turn as JB's straight-laced Christian father. From there, we move to the present, and the first meeting of Black and toupe-wearing Gass. Gass, in his obvious wig, pretends to be a success, putting Black through "Rock Star Training", culminating in a short falling out (all of 2 minutes), and the formation thereafter of Tenacious D. They enter an Open Mic Contest to prove the power of their rock, only to be struck with writers block. Discovering the legend of the Pick of Destiny, they travel to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to steal it for themselves. This movie was hilarious, and a good way to spend an evening. It gives a good laugh. And sometimes, isn't that all you really need?